Future For Children: A Social Enterprise Project In Transition


This case is set in January 2015 and follows Future for Children (FFC), a poverty eradication charity initiated by Swiss banker, Daniel Elber, in Muntigunung, Bali (Indonesia). FFC began by piloting a phased development programme in one village by establishing local social enterprises that address key development hurdles and improve livelihood outcomes.

Following the success of the pilot programme, the initiative is now ready to be replicated and rolled out to other villages in Muntigunung. However, some key challenges need to be addressed. For example, management of the social enterprises needs to be handed over to the local community. In addition, more funds are needed to replicate and scale up; and a sense of community ownership of the programme needs to take hold. In addition, the business model of FFC needed to be reviewed for its efficacy in achieving the mission’s goal.

This case provides students the opportunity to learn the importance of engaging local partners for successful implementation of social programmes and a strategic problem-solving approach to creating positive social impact. Students will examine the challenges faced when a capacity building project transitions into a profitable enterprise and brainstorm and evaluate solutions to such issues.



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12 Jan 2016

Christopher Dula, Singapore Management University
Jonathan Chang, Singapore Management University
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